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RETAILinASIA – Customer Experience


How retail lighting design affects customer experience?


Baseline is sharing Retail Lighting Design Best Practices in Retail Asia this month.


Lighting is one of the most underrated components in designing an establishment, despite having a significant effect in enhancing customer experience.

Nowadays the trends are changing. Restaurants, hotels, Luxury stores, retail chains, supermarket, convenient stores, and even barbershops are calling on lighting design to drive customers to their business. For retailers who have overlooked their lighting strategy, this is the right time to understand how it affects brand perception and drives sales, isn’t it?

Lighting design does more for an establishment than simply making products visible or telling customers they are open for business. It has an impact on customer’s experience that can affect instantly a consumer’s decision on whether it is worth dealing with a brand or not.



Lighting affects a person’s brand perception. Product quality, customer service excellence, level of competence, and price position perception can all be hinted by the lighting design alone.

The concept works because of its excellent lighting design that highlights the most exquisite products in the collection. The lights help present a luxurious appeal consistent with the brand. That effect attracts customers the moment they see the merchandise through the window.

Different color temperatures of light evoke different emotions, which is why many businesses are meticulous on the lighting design to be used to represent their brand. The safest method to ensure the appropriate fixtures are selected is through consulting an expert lighting design studio like Baseline.



Good lighting has a psychological effect that the business has nothing to hide – no hidden defects, fees, or catch. It represents transparency which every customer expects from a business. With this, spaces should be adequately illuminated to ensure customers can clearly see the quality of material and color of the products without interference.

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