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Atelier Cologne, Guangzhou (Credit: In Situ & Partners)

Maisons à Vivre – Baseline, The Master of Lighting Design

Maisons à Vivre

Baseline, The Master of Lighting Design

Have you ever been impressed by the lighting design of a hotel, a restaurant, or even a simple store? Maisons à Vivre Magazine took a closer look at those who equip this type of establishment with lighting. Focus on Baseline Lighting Design Studio.

Lighting is an aspect that may seem secondary, but it is the most essential to complete the decoration of and enhance a place. That’s why stores, restaurants, hotels, and residences consult lighting professionals, including Baseline. Located in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Paris with partners around the world, Baseline Lighting Designers illuminate a variety of sectors internationally. Each place needs to have different atmospheres to make customers feel good. This is therefore the first criterion on which Baseline bases itself to develop its lighting designs. For an optimal lighting design, in a store for example, Baseline Lighting Design Studio uses and designs three types of fixtures, that together ensure a unique lighting signature:

  • Ambient lighting: used to create a general atmosphere
  • Accent lighting: highlight the products
  • Decorative lighting: Contribute to the artistic touch of the architecture
Atelier Cologne, Guangzhou (Credit: In Situ & Partners)
Atelier Cologne, Guangzhou (Credit: In Situ & Partners)

This combination of lights, as well as the use of control systems, allows establishments to stand out in the market, and create a unique experience for their customers. With their skills and experience in lighting in the luxury sector, Baseline experts offer you a tailor-made service. They ensure the successful integration of lighting concepts.

Baseline is committed to sustainability

Lighting is a sector particularly concerned with sustainable development. Baseline has become a leader in energy transition in its field. Indeed, the company won the very first edition of the Grand Prix France Hong Kong in the sustainable development category, thanks to the achievements of sustainable lighting designs. An example of green design achievement of Baseline Lighting Design Studio is KIN Food Hall, a food court located in Hong Kong. The lighting of this establishment is automatically optimized according to the activity of the establishment, which makes it possible to reduce energy consumption during periods of low activity. Baseline Lighting Design Studio created this concept by achieving the maximum consumption target of 10 W/m2.

KIN Food Hall, Hong Kong (Credit: Studio Adjective)
KIN Food Hall, Hong Kong (Credit: Studio Adjective)

Lighting management also allows customers to experience with different lighting scenes depending on service schedules and organized events. At KIN, for example, visitors will be exposed to bright light at lunchtime, however, in the evening for dinner and a drink, they will discover dim lighting, to contribute to a relaxed evening. The atmosphere of a restaurant, but also of a hotel or store is greatly affected by the color temperature and the brightness of the lighting. Therefore, installing a control system makes it possible to create a sustainable lighting design, which is also more suited to the criteria of the premises.

X2 Hoi An Resort, Vietnam (Credit: Baseline Lighting Design Studio)
X2 Hoi An Resort, Vietnam (Credit: Baseline Lighting Design Studio)

The importance of a lighting designer like Baseline

Lighting designers offer strong technical knowledge and a sensitive approach to the design of your projects. Additionally, the lighting equipment and control systems mentioned earlier are evolving at a breakneck pace, with hundreds of new items being introduced to the market every year. Baseline experts are familiar with the latest technologies and will advise you based on their knowledge and the personalized study of your project. They will be your best partners in the realization of your projects.

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