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Boris Duhamel - Saving energy in luxury industry

LPJ – Boris Duhamel: Saving energy in the luxury industry


Boris Duhamel: Saving energy in the luxury industry

Boris Duhamel is the 2022 winner of the Societe Générale Sustainable Development Prize in Hong Kong.
He looks back on his journey and the creation of Baseline Lighting Studio specializing in the creation of low-consumption light spaces for the luxury industry.

We highlight the products of the luxury industry
Light is an essential factor of seduction and makes it possible to convey emotions linked to products…

The energy bill is halved
Our solutions make it possible to drastically reduce the electrical consumption of points of sale…

Cooperation and transmission between cultures is key
To succeed in working in Asia and in the rest of the world, we must listen and adapt to local customs…

Boris Duhamel - Grand Prix France-Hong Kong


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