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Hong Kong French Trophies participants 2

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Hong Kong French Trophies: discover the candidates


Baseline is highlighted among the eligible candidates for the Trophées des Français de l’Etranger.



What strikes first among the 40 or so candidates for this edition of the Hong Kong Trophies is the very wide variety of profiles and projects carried by the French community in Hong Kong, proof that the Perfumes Harbor remains a land privileged to undertake.

Many business leaders in fields as varied as computer technology or human services are part of the panel of candidates. Likewise, the associative and artistic sector is widely represented, demonstrating the importance of individual energies in the service of others or of culture in Hong Kong. The Food and Beverage sector, particularly represented in Hong Kong by our fellow citizens, starred virtuosos or not of gastronomy or at the head of bar-restaurants is widely present in the list of candidates and we are delighted because our newspaper wanted to highlight these professionals affected by the Covid crisis. This is also the case for the events sector, which deserves our full attention and support.

Hong Kong French Trophies participants 1


By organizing the first French Trophies in Hong Kong, the will of Lepetitjoural.com newspaper is to give candidates the opportunity to benefit as much as possible from network. The leading daily newspaper for French-speaking expatriates in the world with 2 million pages opened per month (5 million in March), it is an opportunity to carry messages wherever French is spoken on earth.

Participation in the Hong Kong Trophies, will also be candidates by right for the Asia Trophies which will be held in Singapore at the beginning of 2021 and the International Trophies subsequently scheduled in Paris.


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