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BluPrint – Uma Nota Manila: Brazilian-Japanese Design

BluPrint – Uma Nota Manila: Symphony of Brazilian-Japanese Design

We are delighted to be featured in BluPrint’s article written by Albert Aycardo, exploring all the details of the newly opened Uma Nota Manila Restaurant & Bar. Located in Shrangri-La, Uma Nota has designed by The Odd Duck Studio to illustrate the fusion of cultures. Our Lighting Design team crafted a dynamic and elegant lighting design to match the design and brand spirit.

A Fusion of Cultures

Asmaa Said, founder of the Odd Duck, shared how they brought Uma Nota’s vision to life. The firm reaches beyond design as they also bring a full package that harmoniously presents Uma Nota’s brand. From its large arches filled with elegant drapes to the refined cutlery, the firm clearly paid careful attention to captivating the senses in an enticing and engaging manner.


An Odyssey Within 

Four distinct areas define the layout of Uma Nota Manila, each with its own unique character and purpose. As guests navigate through these spaces, they embark on a journey that showcases the rich tapestry of Brazilian and Japanese cultures.

Living Room

A major focal point of the Living Room is the “Hanging Tree” installation. If you’re wondering if it’s real, the answer is yes. Made from petrified wood and imported from Dubai, its artificial leaves retain the appearance of liveliness. This additional installation fills the room with a sense of awe. The space transforms throughout the day as it transitions between an upscale dining area, an intimate and seductive evening space, and a place for festive celebration.


Crafted for the Senses

Uma Nota Manila captivates the senses in a slew of ways. The Odd Duck enthralls the eyes with a resplendent use of light within. Baseline Lighting Design Studio curated the combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting dictates the atmosphere as it shifts throughout the day.

The dimly lit entryway, reminiscent of traditional Japanese ryokans, features dramatic lighting and electric lanterns that complement the deep brown hues. As guests move into the main dining area, they are greeted by a contrasting lively scene filled with colors and lights that draws the sight in all directions.

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