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Luce & Design

Luce & design – Interpreting life with light

Luce & Design

Interpreting life with light




The CÉ LA VI brand is an artistic interpretation of “This is Life” in the form of luxury restaurants and club lounges that offer guests unique & vibrant life style experiences.

CÉ LA VI 品牌以豪华餐厅和俱乐部酒廊的形式对“这就是生活”进行了艺术诠释,为客人提供独特而充满活力的生活方式体验。



CÉ LA VI Shanghai

CÉ LA VI Shanghai located in The Bund, overlooks the Huangpu River & offers a majestic view of Shanghai’s distinct skyline.
CÉ LA VI Shanghai 位于外滩,俯瞰黃浦江,享有上海独特天际线的壮丽景色。

The lighting design of the project is done by Baseline Limited. The conceptual approach to the club spaces are both fun and vibrant using red lighting color as the main theme.
该项目的照明设计由 Baseline Limited 负责。俱乐部空间的概念以红色灯光为主题,既有趣又充满活力。

Fig 1. Contrast of accent lighting to the tables and low ambient lighting +decorative lighting with gold finishes against a red background exudes luxury.
Fig 1. 桌子的重点照明和低环境照明 + 金色饰面的装饰照明与红色背景形成对比,散发出奢华感


The feature wall behind the Main Bar has integrated lighting shows with the sound system that move together. The RGB Wall is an artwork that slowly change images on each RGB color created for guests to use as background for social media posts.
主酒吧后面的特色墙, 结合了灯光表演和与其配合的音响系统。 RGB 墙 是一种艺术品,可以缓慢改变每种 RGB 颜色的图像,供客人用作社交媒体帖子的背景。

Fig 2. The intertwined images in the RGB Wall change with each R, G, B light that shines to it – makes a great social media post.
Fig 2. RGB Wall 中交织在一起的图像,随着照射到它的每个 R、G、B 灯光而变化——成为一个很棒的社交媒体帖子


The Club Lounge flexible strip lighting on the ceiling were controlled like it’s being written in red ink on the ceiling. There is also a soft & fun touch of detail on the mirrors with red horns at Toilet Corridors.
俱乐部休息室 天花板上的柔性条状照明,好像在被控制着般, 以红色墨水写在天花板上。 厕所走廊 的红色喇叭镜子也有柔和有趣的触感细节。

Fig 3. View of Private Room from Club Lounge that reveals the elegant & organic design of the decorative pendant that becomes the centerpiece of conversations.
Fig 3. 从俱乐部酒廊看到的私人房间,展示了装饰吊坠的优雅和有机设计,成为会谈的主题

Fig 4. Red LED Flexible lighting embedded behind the etched horns on the mirroralong the Toilet Corridors as fun & mischievous design detail.
Fig 4. 红色 LED 柔性照明灯嵌入厕所走廊镜子上蚀刻的角后面,作为有趣和淘气的设计细节


The rest of the dynamic integrated RGB lighting from feature walls, bar counters, decorative ceiling, suspended shelves, skirtings create a truly euphoric & vibrant “landscape in the dark” social experience for the guests that will make them crave for more.
其余来自特色墙、吧台、装饰天花板、悬挂式货架和壁脚板的动态 RGB 照明,为客人创造了一种真正愉快而充满活力的“黑暗中的风景”社交体验,让他们渴望更多.

Fig 5. Featured CE LA VI in script, etched on the ceiling. Red color lighting evokes a sense of mischief and seduction
Fig 5. 特色 CE LA VI 脚本,蚀刻在天花板上。红色灯光唤起一种恶作剧和诱惑的感觉


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