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Baseline Art Gallery – Zodiac in the City 城市中的十二生肖


Zodiac in the City 城市中的十二生肖


During the VIP Preview scheduled on 4th May 2021, Baseline Gallery x French May were honoured to receive the presence of Benoît ETIENNE, Consul for Culture, Education and Science, & Andrew YUEN, French May Chairman.



Baseline Gallery is set to promote young talent with creative touch in Hong Kong. We are happy to feature, in exclusivity, a French photographer living in Hong Kong: Paul Lecomte. ZODIAC IN THE CITY is the artist’s first exhibition. It takes inspiration from traditional Chinese Zodiac animals. Paul’s interpretation is to humanize them across the city of Hong Kong.


Get your Zodiac for HK$ 4,800/print ! (click on order button at the bottom of the page)
Follow up Paul’s new Zodiac artistic photographs. Two new Zodiac print release every month!

#1 MTRat
#2 An Ox of a Year
#3 Jumpin Tiger
#4 Rabbit in Wonderland
#5 Dragon Guard
#6 Snake Island
#7 Horse Valley
#8 There is a Goat on the Roof
#9 Monkey Kings
#10 Early Bird
#11 Gaming Dog
#12 Pigspiracy



Paul Lecomte is a French video producer arrived in Hong Kong 6 years ago. Paul slowly turned his passion for photography and skills to present creative pictures with an original angle of the city.

Zodiac inspiration

Zodiac in the City photo series takes inspiration from traditional Chinese Zodiac animals. Paul’s interpretation is to humanize them across the city of Hong Kong. The artist manipulates the human body while integrating animal heads. Each picture represents a Zodiac animal within a specific environment inspired from its own personality in a very aesthetic way.  Paul wants to highlight some iconic locations of Hong Kong and reinterpret them in a unique way.

The humanized animals also got influenced by some of Paul’s favourite childhood comic books in the aesthetic and style of each protagonist in the pictures. The realistic style melting with vibrant colours make some unique Hong Kong art pieces. Also keep the eye open to catch one of his little signatures that he hides in every picture!

In Chinese Zodiac History date back to the Jade Emperor who wanted to select 12 animals to be his guards. He sent an immortal into the man’s world to spread the message that the first one to pass through the Heaven Gate will get the better rank in his court.



  • Discover exclusive artistic photographs by Paul Lecomte
  • Learn about Ocean Recovery Alliance mission to save oceans
  • Mingle with Hong Kong creative industries enthusiasts



MTR Kwun Tong (Exit B)  Unit D, 10/F, Joint Venture Ind. Bldg., 76 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon


  • Vip Preview: 04.05.2021 (fully booked) – Discover event’s photos here
  • Grand Opening: 12.05.2021 (fully booked) – Discover event’s photos here
  • Public View: 25.05.2021 to 25.08.2021 (By appointment only) – Discover event’s photos here


Don’t hesitate to organize company / group tour !
Wednesday with Paul Lecomte artist & Thursday with Baseline team.

Each ZODIAC Editions are limited to 12 unique prints and comes along with certificate of authenticity. Don’t miss out your chance

HK$ 4,800 / ZODIAC 

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