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#13 – Opening a Hotel? When to engage a Lighting Designer?

Opening a Hotel? When to engage a Lighting Consultant?


Have you wondered why you feel comfortable and homey whenever you enter a hotel? How about the feeling of luxury while waiting for the bellboy to bring you to your room? You may think that it’s the pieces of furniture, the architecture, or the interior decoration that makes you feel the way you do, but these are not the only aspects in play. Although you’re not wrong in this conclusion, you might be missing one major factor that makes you notice all these features. None of these can catch your attention without excellent hotel lighting design.

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If you’re about to open a hotel, you may want to hire a lighting design consultant like Baseline Lighting Design Studio achieve the following objectives to :


If first impressions last, you want your hotel to instantly catch the attention of potential clients. Before customers get impressed by your lavish interiors, they’ll first consider the exteriors to identify if it’s even worth checking out what you have to offer.

Fig. 1. Lobby of Holiday Inn Hong Kong (Source: Baseline)
Fig. 1. Lobby of Holiday Inn Hong Kong

Nothing emphasizes the establishment’s architecture more than a properly laid out hospitality lighting design. The angle, intensity, color, and position of the light fixtures can bring out the best of the aesthetic value of the building.
Seeing a poorly lit exterior, customers will almost always assume the interiors are no better. If you don’t want this to happen, hiring a lighting design consultant like Baseline Studio is the best choice you’ll make. We’ll make sure that your exterior lighting not only highlights the architectural beauty but also presents consistency in brand image.



Aside from amenities and a good set of furniture pieces, lighting plays a major role in making guests comfortable during their stay. From the lobby to the rooms, the mood you want to promote must be consistent.

Something as trivial as a bedside lamp can make guests feel either pleased or frustrated.

Imagine waking up before dawn when the surroundings are still basked in darkness. Your eyes are slowly adjusting to the dark while you’re fumbling for the bedside lamp. When you turned it on, a painfully bright light illuminates the room, temporarily blinding you for a few seconds. The worst part is that your partner and your kids were interrupted in their sleep because of the explosion of light.

Setting up adjustable or dimmable lights on bed lamps is a good solution for this. Installing the correct type of bulb can ensure the lamp produces enough light to help start your engines without waking up everybody else in the room by accident.

Lobbies, hallways, restrooms, and lounges – incidents similar to the one just described can happen in any of these locations. Lighting design consultants like us can prevent this kind of problem from happening in your hotel. The position of the light switches and the brightness needed for each area in the room will also be planned out properly to ensure a seamless customer experience.



Hotels contribute to a large portion of the country’s energy consumption, with each room spending as much as $2,200 on average per year. Studies show that half of the utility costs hotels spend on is dedicated to electricity.

Fig. 2. Typical utility costs for hotels (Source: GreenHotelier)
Fig. 2. Typical utility costs for hotels (Source: GreenHotelier)

Countries and states usually enforce the ASHRAE Standard or the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) in their jurisdictions to control the amount of electricity an establishment consumes. These standards are also designed to ensure the safety of everyone in the building since they determine whether appropriate emergency lighting has been adequately installed.

If you fail to comply with the set standards, you may be required to redesign your lighting installments. Planning a new hotel lighting design can cause opening delays, resulting in loss of business for a few days or weeks.

To avoid compliance issues, you can involve a lighting design consultant like us even during the construction phase. Giving us ample time to provide our input on light and switch placements will ensure every corner of your establishment is well-lit and the overall hotel lighting design fits energy standards.



Government regulations are becoming stricter with sustainability requirements in their move toward greener business operations. Clients are also looking now at the environmental responsibility of hotels and not only at the price and comfort the establishments provide.

Cost-effective lighting solutions will not only help you contribute toward greener operations but also reduce overhead costs.

Using LED lights, letting in more natural light, and utilizing smart hotel lighting design systems are among the features guests look into a hotel before they book their stay. Energy efficiency is gradually being factored into booking decisions as it makes customers feel they’re contributing to environmental preservation.

It’s more expensive to replace existing systems with greener solutions. It would be more advantageous to carefully plan out your hotel lighting design from the get-go to avoid renovation limitations and higher labor costs.

A lighting consultant like Baseline Lighting Design Studio can help you comply with sustainability standards and ensure you use environment-friendly lighting solutions. The aesthetic value of your hospitality lighting design doesn’t need to be sacrificed to achieve this goal. There are alternatives that will make your lighting system more cost-efficient without reducing the desired effect you want to promote.



Smart hospitality and hotel lighting design involves the use of sensor-equipped solutions that can automatically control the brightness and intensity of lighting according to the ambient light in the area. It can turn on or off depending on the settings you’ve configured it to detect.

You can schedule the system to emit a certain brightness based on the time of the day. For instance, the system can automatically shut off during the daytime when ample light is entering the establishment. As the day progresses, it slowly produces brighter temperatures to mimic the daylight effect outside the hotel. At night, the light can be set to emit warmer colors for a more relaxing and intimate ambiance.

Smart lighting systems not only save on energy costs but also enhance customer experience. By providing the right amount of light that complements the environment, you can rest assured that the mood you want to promote is consistently provided with minimal supervision.

To fully and effectively implement this kind of hotel lighting solution, you need an expert like Baseline Lighting Design Studio who understands where to put the sensors for optimum utility.



The options for hotel lighting design are endless. You can get overwhelmed with the myriad of styles available that you may end up buying and mixing those that don’t really fit your hotel’s theme.

Fig 3. Peninsula Hotel in Paris (Source : Baseline)
Fig. 3. Orpea China

Chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, LED strips, domes – there are several kinds of lighting fixtures designed for specific purposes. Some are meant for ambient lighting while some shine best when used for accent lighting. If you’re not familiar with these, you may end up fuddling your brand image.

A casino inside the hotel will require different sets of light fixtures; hotel restaurants must present a different ambiance while maintaining the hotel’s brand image; bars require little illumination enough to create an intimate but lively nightlife experience to guests.

The lighting type needed for each space will differ and there are several factors to consider in choosing the right fixture to use. Ceiling height, color temperature, security, glare control, theme, and budget are just some of the key points that need to be incorporated in deciding how to proceed with the hotel lighting design.

Only a professional lighting consultant like Baseline Lighting Design Studio can take all these into account and produce excellent outcomes that will benefit both the clients and the business.



Hospitality lighting design isn’t something to be disregarded as it has a major impact on your hotel’s brand image and overall customer experience. Aside from highlighting architectural beauty and enhancing aesthetics, hotel lighting can set the mood of the establishment and create a relaxing and comfortable environment for the guests.

If you’re not sure what to do with your hotel lighting design, just leave things to an expert like Baseline Lighting Design Studio and worry more about how to market your business. We can take care of the planning, design, implementation, installation, and maintenance of your lighting solution so you can focus on other important things necessary for business success.

Send us a message if you’re curious to know how our expertise can help make your hotel business more popular and successful.


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