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123 Art.net – What is the mission of Baseline Art Gallery?


What is the Mission of Baseline Art Gallery ?

 Baseline Lighting Design Studio was founded in Hong Kong to provide lighting design services for architects, interior designers, property developers, and retailers.


We craft ideas, create designs, and then transform them into real-life solutions with a successful blend of creativity and pragmatism. For us, it is essential to closely collaborate hand-in-hand with architects, designers, and creative teams.

Our ambition
To create unique and emotional lighting atmospheres that spotlight your brand, your estates, and your products, all while being sustainable and easy to manage.

Our work
Is wide-ranging in terms of type and scale, lighting consultancy, lighting design, lighting simulation, animation, control engineering, luminaire design, and project management.




123 Art Interviewer: “Hi Olivia! What’s the mission of Baseline Gallery ?”

Olivia: Baseline gallery started 3 years ago with G&L Art collection. After our successful private viewing, we sharpen our mission to promote young talent with creative touch in Hong Kong. We are happy to feature, in exclusivity, photographers, painters, or sculpture from any origins. Baseline’s main business is to deliver lighting design state of the art for retail, hospitality but also Art & event projects such as Villepin Gallery, “The Pulse Mixed Colored Rebirth” temporary exhibition, or the upcoming exhibition of Upcycling by The Urban French Girl in October 2021. In the continuity of our mission, we decided to highlight promising artist in Hong Kong, offering our showroom for private exhibitions and invite our network to discover new talents and mingle with Hong Kong creative industries enthusiasts.”

ZODIAC IN THE CITY – Baseline French May Paul Lecomte

123 Art Interviewer: “What sets your gallery apart from other galleries ?”

Olivia: Baseline Gallery offers sensory experience with artwork theme, dedicated lighting display and control system, selected music playlist, perfume diffusion, drinks and canapes provided by sponsors welcomed to promote their services but also invite NGO selected by us or the artist and take the opportunity to engage with our network and raise awareness around their mission.”

Baseline Gallery - KINESIS

123 Art Interviewer: “How do you choose the artists you show ?”

Olivia: “Every young/promising artist who is looking for more visibility is welcome. We will define with him a specific theme and collection to create an immersive atmosphere. Here is our 2 last recent exhibitions example:

  • ZODIAC IN THE CITY by Paul Lecomte: this was the artist’s first exhibition. It takes inspiration from traditional Chinese Zodiac animals. Paul’s interpretation is to humanize them across the city of Hong Kong.
  • KINESIS by Tiffene Larose: The artist is passionate about dance and marine biology. The collection takes inspiration from Tiffene passion for dance and fascination with the ocean.”
Baseline Gallery - Temps levé by Tiffene Larose

123 Art Interviewer: “Now let’s talk about your latest KINESIS Exclusive Exhibition. How did this happen?”

Olivia: “Tiffene’s father visited ZODIAC IN THE CITY exhibition and valued how Baseline Gallery highlighted Paul Lecomte by offering our showroom, shared our network, and create an immersive atmosphere with lighting. His daughter, Tiffene Larose, was encouraged by her teacher to pursue her oil painting talent. After a short introduction, we quickly accepted to offer more visibility to this promising young artist. We were happy to determine together a collection around ocean and dance inspiration named KINESIS. The collection would combine the fluidity of classical ballet with the dramatic and unpredictable movement of water. While offering contrast, Tiffene brings a sense of similarity to the two vastly different entities – bringing strength and power to the graceful ballerina, and peace and simplicity to the harsh seas.”

Baseline Gallery - Posé with cambré derrière by Tiffene Larose KINESIS

123 Art Interviewer:  “The KINESIS exhibition features Tiffene Larose, an artist passionate about dance and marine biology. Also, KITO, a French artist from Brittany, takes the opportunity to join KINESIS exhibition, featuring its creatives and unclassified sculptures. Tell us a bit more about the uniqueness of this exhibition.”

Olivia: “During the exhibition, we diffused sea smells, played wave & classic ballet music, and invited Bloom association to raise awareness about their ocean mission (15% of sales paintings were donated to support the NGO).  To support the young Tiffene Larose during this exhibition on the theme of the ocean, we invited a well-known artist, KITO to participate in KINESIS. The artist offers 3 of its sculptures, inspired by the surrealism movement. KITO is a French sculptor born on February 8th, 1954, in Brittany, West of France. He began carving at the age of five and since that time, he has never stopped creating: it’s his life. A self-taught artist. KITO received his first kits of carving wood and stone at the age of 7 and 12 respectively. They were gifts from the sculptor and family friend, Etienne MARTIN.”

Baseline Gallery - Livre de bord by KITO KINESIS

123 Art Interviewer: “I loved Tiffene’s “Introduction” piece and KITO’s “Coup De Fourchette “Book Appetite”. What are your favorite ones, and why?”

Olivia: “My favorite work from Tiffene is BRETAGNE. It represents the Northwest region in France, where my grandparents used to live. It reminds me of my childhood, during the morning summer with my grandfather painting the different tides of the ocean and the morning fresh breeze. Brittany (English word) is a place where the power of the sea can be so evident. The sudden shifts from stormy, wavy conditions, to a scene of tranquility and stillness. The shining beam of sunshine brings hope and a sense of relief. For KITO, I am very attracted by LIVRE DE BORD “Logbook” sculpture. The sculpture represents a wreck and a logbook merged on the bottom of the ocean where the journey of the vessel merged with the story of its Captain. I appreciate the mix of bronze and white granite material.”

Baseline Gallery - Bretagne by Tiffene Larose KINESIS

123 Art Interviewer: “Tell us more about how the exhibition went, are you happy with the results?”

Olivia: “We are very happy to promote young artists and offer them a place to express their talent, especially during the pandemic which affects a lot the art industry. We are proud to witness their increasing popularity after the private exhibition we organized and the digital communication we shared. With Baseline’s network and new exposure, artists were able to convert lead generation to final Art buyers. Additionally, curious artists also join our exhibition and were convinced about our Gallery strategy. We receive more and more artists’ requests to be exhibited in our showroom which confirms our position as Gallerist. Finally, for Baseline, it’s a great opportunity to show our lighting capabilities and lighting innovations. It’s great to receive positive feedback from our current network but also meets with new clients & opportunities who contacted us after exhibitions to use our lighting design expert service to highlight their hospitality and retail projects.”

Baseline Gallery - KINESIS

123 Art Interviewer: What has been your biggest obstacle so far?”

Olivia: “Educate new artists on the strategy to adopt for art promotion. They are not always familiar to work with Gallery, but we are also very flexible and always happy to improve our internal strategy and exchange with different artists’ points of view to find the best compromise. For visitors, it was challenging to convince them to visit our showroom, located in Kwun Tong, during a weekday evening, to check artist they don’t know about yet. That’s why we had to come up with the private exclusive event, with cocktails & canape, offering an immersive and unique experience, different from most of the Galleries located in Central. The Art Lover who came had a great experience and would come back now.”

Baseline Gallery - KINESIS

123 Art Interviewer:  “What has been your greatest achievement?

Olivia: ZODIAC IN THE CITY was a great success with 6 private events in total. We partner with French May for 4 months. Our ZODIAC IN THE CITY VIP Preview was honored to receive the presence of French Deputy Consul, Benoît ETIENNE & French May Chairman, Andrew YUEN.”

Baseline Gallery - ZODIAC IN THE CITY by Paul Lecomte

123 Art Interviewer:  “How do you spread the word about what you do?”

Olivia: “We are very digital, and we avoid printing. All our flyers, leaflet, invitation, and registration form are digital. For each exhibition, we will send an email and WhatsApp invitations to our database, magazines, artists’ connections but also our partners’ network. We display artist biography and works on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram) and on our website news. During the event, each work has its own QR code opening a unique landing page to provide information about artist inspiration. After the event, we will send a follow-up to thank you email and open the showroom for individual visits during the week time.”

Baseline Gallery - ZODIAC IN THE CITY by Paul Lecomte

123 Art Interviewer:  “What are your ambitions for the future?”

Olivia: “We are humbled to showcase young Artists and give them a chance to kick start and get exposure. We ambition to create a community of Art & Light lovers and encourage Artist’ collaboration with our clients from the Retail and Hospitality sectors.”

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