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HongKongEcho – 5 reflections with Boris

5 Reflections with Boris Duhamel


Boris Duhamel, Founder and CEO of Baseline Lighting Design Studio, says it’s time for Hong Kong’s creative ecosystem to emerge from the shadows. Let there be light!  




HongKongEcho presents Boris Duhamel from the Creative Industries

Starting from nothing and ending with something is the outcome of creativity. Creativity for me is the process of unleashing your imagination and waking up the kid that we all have inside us without restraint. Its fire gives us the ability to develop and express our ideas in a new way and leads to innovation. Creativity is also about stepping outside of the box to open up possibilities to achieve things that we always believed were impossible. As Albert Einstein said, “creativity is intelligence having fun”.




Without lighting you are in the dark. “The eyes are the windows to the soul” is an expression that is often used to describe the deep connection you feel when looking into your surrounding environment.

We perceive 80 per cent of all impressions by means of sight. As our eyes are the most important organs of senses by far, lighting is music to people’s eyes; it’s a kind of perfume of the physical architecture. For us, lighting is the principle vehicle that contributes to a customer’s experience, creating emotions and even a sense of addiction. 



We are centred around the idea of providing a vertical service supporting customers from design to completion, including concept creation, lighting consulting, and lighting coaching. Our typical clients are luxury brands, retailers, property developers, hotels and resorts, restaurants, construction companies, furniture makers and general contractors. For them, there is no compromise when it comes to lighting.




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