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Baseline Lighting Design Studio - Louis Vuitton Shanghai (13)

Baseline’s Lighting Art unveiled in Louis Vuitton Shanghai Qiantan

Baseline’s Lighting Art unveiled in Louis Vuitton Shanghai Qiantan

Louis Vuitton opened a new flagship boutique in Qiantan Taikoo Li luxury mall in Shanghai, its 7th boutique in the city. The boutique has two levels and covers 1,200 square meters, where customers can enjoy a complete range of the luxury Maison, including leather goods, fragrances, shoes, fashion, and accessories. 

Louis Vuitton is offering its customers a new retail experience with a distinctive atmosphere featuring LEGO holiday elements, contemporary arts, and the Maison’s most iconic pieces. The interior design of the new boutique was created by the in-house Louis Vuitton Architecture Department aided by eightsixthree architecture interiors. The focus offers a perfect blend of traditional fashion and dynamic art.

Taking luxury retail to new heights

Besides the works of art chosen to decorate the boutique, the boutique features a one-of-a-kind wall covering the staircase, making the customers travel around an art pieceBaseline Lighting Design Studio embarked on this exclusive project from conception to successful implementation, ensuring construction and engineering coordination of the bespoke lighting glass tubes wall manufactured by Erlicht. The bespoke wall is made of no fewer than 700 clear glass tubes, covering a surface of 9 by 6 meters.

700 glass tubes, shaped as the Louis Vuitton emblem and placed meticulously to create a unique piece of art
Contemporary art “Center 2022-7” by artist Wang Yi hanging on the bespoke lighting implemented by Baseline Lighting Design Studio, and manufactured by Erlicht

Each glass tube, shaped as the Louis Vuitton emblem, has a different length and has been placed meticulously to create a unique pattern. A rainbow effect has been applied on the edges, showing different vivid colors of the Maison as you walk on the stairs. They are illuminated by tiny LED bolts, bringing more magic to the bespoke chandelier. A breathtaking project honoring the rich history of the Maison yet embracing contemporary details, shown in this perfectly balanced interior design.

Vivid colored Louis Vuitton emblem on the featured wall

The importance of a lighting designer like Baseline

Lighting designers offer strong technical knowledge and a sensitive approach to the design of your projects. Additionally, the lighting equipment and control systems mentioned earlier are evolving at a breakneck pace, with hundreds of new items being introduced to the market every year. Baseline experts are familiar with the latest technologies and will advise you based on their knowledge and the personalized study of your project. They will be your best partners in the realization of your projects.

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