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Kinesis exclusive exhibition

Baseline Art Gallery – Kinesis Exclusive Exhibition


KINESIS Exclusive Exhibition


During the exclusive exhibition organized on 19th August 2021, Baseline Gallery was honoured to receive the presence of Tiffene Larose for her first exhibition KINESIS and Bloom NGO representatives determined to fight the destruction of the ocean and livelihoods.



Baseline Gallery is set to promote young talent with creative touch in Hong Kong. We are happy to feature, in exclusivity, Tiffene Larose, an artist passionate about dance and marine biology. KITO, French artist from Brittany, takes the opportunity to join KINESIS exhibition, featuring its creatives and unclassified sculptures.

KINESIS takes inspiration from Tiffene passion for dance and fascination of the ocean. The oil painting collection combines the fluidity of classical ballet with the dramatic and unpredictable movement of water. While offering contrast, she brings a sense of similarity to the two vastly different entities – bringing strength and power to the graceful ballerina, and peace and simplicity to the harsh seas.



  • Discover exclusive artistic oil painting by Tiffene Larose
  • Discover KITO‘s sculptures influenced by surrealism movement
  • Mingle with Hong Kong creative industries enthusiasts
  • Enjoy free cocktails & canapes
  • Meet with Bloom association  – 15% of Tiffene Larose sales painting will be donated to support the NGO ocean mission




ddddd Introduction             Posé with Cambré Derrière           Light Breeze                        Serenity

aaaa     HK$ 5,000                                     SOLD                                       SOLD                                HK$ 5,000

zzzzzz      Bretagne                  De la Terre à la Mer (1)        De la Terre à la Mer (2)          Temps Levé

aaaaaaaaaHK$ 5,000                            HK$ 4,300                             HK$ 4,300                        HK$ 6,200


zzzzzeee“Book Appetite”                                             “Logbook”                                              “Solitude”

zzzzzeeeHK$ 19,000                                                      HK$ 55,000                                         HK$ 38,500

Each KINESIS artwork is collector and comes along with certificate of authenticity.




Tiffene Larose uses her varied hobbies and interests as a key inspiration in her paintings. Growing up as an accomplished ballerina and pursuing a career in marine biology, she combines the love of dance with the fascination of the ocean in her oil paintings.

KINESIS inspiration

KINESIS is an oil painting collection exploring the forces and dynamics of the ocean and in dance. In Kinesis, Tiffene combines the fluidity of classical ballet dances with the dramatic and unpredictable movements of the ocean. She presents the ballerina in traditional ballet poses, curated alongside the ocean scenery. While offering contrast, she brings a sense of similarity to the two vastly different entities – bringing strength and power to the graceful ballerina, and peace and simplicity to the harsh seas.

The common view of ballet focuses on the grace and effortlessness of the movements. Having grown up practicing the art form, Tiffene learnt through years of practise, the power, strength, and poise of the dance. She is now expressing her experience of the dance by combining it with epic scenes of the ocean.

Kinesis is defined as a movement in response to a stimulus.

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To support the young Tiffere Larose during this exhibition on the theme of the ocean, KITO participates in KINESIS and offers 3 of its sculptures, inspired by the surrealism movement.

He is a French sculptor born on February 8th, 1954, Brittany, West of France. He began carving at the age of five and since that time, he has never stopped creating: it’s his life. A self-taught artist. KITO received his first kits of carving wood and stone at the age of 7 and 12 respectively. They were gifts from the sculptor and family friend, Etienne MARTIN.

In 1968, aged 14, he created a granite fountain named “NEPTUNE” for the KERSA Maritime School in PAIMPOL. In 1972, he was admitted to the Biennial of ST-BRIEUC for which he made a granite sculpture: “Les Diables au Bénitier”. KITO specializes in direct carving; stone and wood are the primary elements of his works. A theme that often comes up in his work is “opening and closing” or “Ying and Yang”, which finds its full expression in both monumental and smaller sculptures. His style is unclassifiable, yet close enough to Surrealism.

He holds many awards including, among others:

  • 1974 First Prize of the Young Sculpture at the Salon de Charroux FRANCE
  • 1982 LEONARD OF VINCI Prize awarded for the entire work by the Academia International Leonardo DA VINCI,
  • 1987 Finale of the French Grand Prix of Fine Arts-LACONCIERGERIE-PARIS (graduate)
  • 1994 First Prize of Contemporary Sculpture from BRITTANY to LANDIVISIAU,
  • 2010 Gold Medal of the Academy of Arts, Sciences, Letters. He is registered at the House of Artists; he is a member of the TAYLOR Foundation and a member of the SNSP (National Union of Sculptors and Plastics).
  • KITO Antoine was just promoted in 2021 as Chevalier (Knight of the French Art and Letters) des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture.
Baseline MGM The Mansion Macau
Baseline MGM The Mansion Macau

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